FSF in English

Foster Care in Sweden

FSF is a professional association of social science graduates who specialize in the placement and supervision of children in foster care in Sweden.

The association, FSF, was founded 1994 and serves to:

  • Create a forum for professionals working within foster care that enables them to share ideas and experiences.
  • Pursue the development of methods used within the foster care system and to provide current information about news, debates, research, etc to our members.
  • Promote and encourage the value of foster care to the authorities and the public concerning the development of methods as well as the professional role of social workers. The newspaper also serves to inform members about any evolving issues.
  • In the spring FSF arrange a conference open for those who works with foster care in any aspect.

The Newspaper Group
The newspaper, which is published at least once a year, is a forum where members can write about things of interest and items they wish to debate. One or more members compile the material and write about what’s new in foster care and the work of the association. Other interested non-members are sometimes asked to contribute to the newspaper.

FSF has about 400 members from within the social work field.

Annika Qvarfordt, Chair
E-mail: annika.qvarfordt@humana.se
Mobile phone: 070-7478733